RVbyMilitary.com . Invest in Veterans. Make Memories.

RVbyMilitary.com is the first Veteran owned & operated RV marketplace by military, for everyone. When you rent through RVbyMilitary.com, you give back to the community that’s given so much to our country to ensure we enjoy our freedoms! 

The military is one of the most tried, tested, and trusted institutions in America.  With every rental, you are investing back into the military families both relationally and financially.

Welcome to RV by Military!

Invest in Veterans. Make Memories.

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Military or Veteran RV Owner? Join our community.

Interested in renting out that RV that's been sitting in storage for months? Share your RV in our marketplace for the best rates in the business. Here we help service members expand their passion for RV adventure through business, community, and resources. We can't wait to help you take RV life to a new level, have fun and make passive income in the process! Connect with us today at contact info@RVbyMilitary.com for more info on joining our community!